Gifts For Pug Lovers and Owners

Sometimes it is hard buying gifts for people on their birthday, Christmas or any other celebration. So what can we buy as a present for a pug owner? Here we have added a small selection of items that may appeal to a pug owner based on their love for the dog 😉

Bath Pug Plug

A great gift for any pug lover. Who needs a rubber duck when when there is a Bath Pug available? It comes with a Detachable bath plug that fits all standard sized baths. place the pug in your plug hole and the pug in its rubber ring will float to the surface. Adds fun and cuteness to bath time.
Buy it from Amazon UK for £6.85

Big Face Pug T-Shirt

This amazing shaded 3D effect image of a pug dog was designed by artist Vincent Hie. Made by heavyweight 100% Cotton Pre-shrunk and ready to wear. The owner can show the world how cute their dog is even if they don’t have it with them.
Buy it from Amazon UK from £8.49