Terrible Book Covers

Never judge a book by its cover……or do you? Here is a list of books with terrible covers and titles. Some are out of print but most are still in print and available to buy.

Teach your wife to be a Widow

Will she be doing time in prison?

How to shit in the woods

Will I be using the book as toilet paper?
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Eating people is wrong

Try telling that to a cannibal….
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Dancing with Jesus

Better than dancing with the stars.
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Missionary Position

Looks can be deceiving…..
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Sh*tty Mom

But we still love her all the same…
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5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth

5?????… One Reason is good enough for me.
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Everybody Poos

You WHAT??? Women poo Too???
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Images You Should Not Masturbate To

>Helpppp I’ve gone blind…
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Make your own Sex Toys

Watch out for splinters :-s

Fancy Coffins

More challenging projects than the sex toys…

Who Cares about Elderly People

The person who bought the previous book does….

A Passion For Donkeys

A Passion For Donkeys
Because they hang like one……

Crafting with Cat Hair

Now where did I put those tweezers?
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A Practical Guide to Racism

Will this help make the word a better place?
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Are Women Human

Hmmm do humans need so many shoes, clothes and handbags ????

Everything I know About Women I learned from my Tractor

I still can’t find her carburettor….

Everything I want to do is Illegal

I Can not get a break…

How To Live With A Huge Penis

I am not buying that one on-line, Iā€™m going in my local bookshop to order it šŸ˜‰

How To Poo At Work

Is it wrong to do it in the bosses’ office????

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You

loitering in the kitchen near the knife block?

How to Raise Your IQ By Eating Gifted Children

A good reason to become a school teacher…..

Couldn’t you find a wider stool…..

But it is much more fun the other way round ……

Is there an advanced guide available?

Should’ve stopped 25 years ago

If you incest…

Worth having kids after all………..

You just made room for more food….

Always stuck for words……….

Did you have something to do with it?

Can I change my mind?

Its rude to point the finger…

Can someone translate for me?

I hope this is not a guide….

Flick the bean, hide the sausage and many more….

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400"] Full of surprises……..

If only the iceberg read it before the titanic hit it….
Not for me I hate wearing uniforms…..
Is there a book for succeeding when you have a penis?
Nooooooo That is the last thing she wants to do……
Did he take the tube???
Always blaming everything on the kids…..
No room in my pocket after getting one……
All I need is a horse…..
Do his parents know?
We don’t want to know…