Unusual Novelty Knife Blocks

Samurai Knife Set

This Novelty Samurai sword style knife set contains 4 kitchen knives (1 Chef’s knife, 1 Bread knife, 1 Utility knife, 1 Paring knife). Each knife is made stainless steel with a hardness of 48-53 degrees HRC. The knives come with their very own display stand, and each one has its own protective sheath.

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Ninja Knife Block

This quirky knife block is in the shape of a Ninja. It comes with the a Utility knife, Bread knife and a Chef’s knife
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Buy It From : Amazon UK – £34.99 **SALE**

Indulje Knife Block

Indulje Knife Block
This Indulje knife block is in the shape of a stylish but simple heart and includes five kitchen knives.
It is a grey wooden block matched by the knive’s easy-grip handles. The set contains a large 8″ chef knife, bread knife and carving knife, as well as smaller 4.5″ utility knife and a 3.5″ paring knife. They are all made with incredibly durable stainless steel blades.
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Balvi Tomato Sauce Tin Knife Block

Tomato Sauce Tin Knife Block
This is just the knife holder for multiple knives. No knifes are included with the block. The diameter is 10.5m and its height is 22cm.
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Voodoo Knife Block

This stabbed man knife holder Gives out the massage No-one messes with the chef. The VoodooKnife block is available in black, white, chrome, red as well as other limited edition colours.
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X-Wing Star Wars Knife Block

A Knife block in the shape of the legendary X-Wing Fighter Jet. Includes 5 stainless steel knives which include: a cook’s knife, bread knife, carving knife, utility knife and a paring knife. They are durable, strong knives made from stainless steel for a sharp long lasting edge. Perfect for the avid Star Wars fan
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The Heart of Knives

Heart of Knifes Block
Romantic, decorative, practical and easy to clean heart shaped block. 5 Stainless steel knives for different slice needs.
1 bread knife: 33 cm, 1 cooking knife: 33 cm, 2 universal knife: 24 cm and 1 peeling knife: 21.5 cm
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