Fun and Unusual Tea Infusers

Gold Fish Tea Infuser

Gold fish orange tea infuser
Cute little orange Goldfish tea infuser that sits and floats in your teapot or teacup and releases the tea from its gills.
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Manatea Infuser

mana tea loose leaf tea infuser
This Manatea silicone tea infuser looks just like a sea cow using your cup as a pool! Just pop in your favourite loose tea, herbs or fruit blends and steep away your cares in true Floridian style!
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Rubber duck tea infuser

Yellow Rubber duck tea infuser

Floating Rubber Duck Novelty Tea Infuser.
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Stainless Steel Monkey Tea Infuser

monkey tea infuser
The Monkey Tea Infuser features adjustable arms to hang and fit in any size of mug. Simply fill the infuser with loose leaf tea and let the monkey hang about in your hot water. Made from stainless steel, this cheeky little monkey comes with an infuser tray that functions as a saucer when removed.
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Mr Tea Infuser

Mr Tea sitting man tea infuser
Mr Tea is a tea infuser that looks like a chilled out bloke, taking a dip in your tea cup. His fabulously fashionable trousers can be filled with your choice of loose tea and herbs, whilst his arms hook the infuser to the side of your mug!
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Octeapus Tea Ball

Instead of squirting ink in your drink, the silicone Octeapus is ready to infuse your tea. Simply fill the infuser with loose leaf tea, attach the chain to one of his tentacles and lower the octopus into your mug of hot water.
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Pug In A Mug Silicone Tea Infuser

Pug loose tea infuserThis silicone tea infuser looks like a pug using your cup as a pool! Just pop in your favourite loose tea, herbs or fruit blends and steep away your cares in true Floridian style!
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Robot Tea Infuser and Drip Tray

Kikkerland Stainless Steel Robot Tea Infuser
Enjoy the perfect cuppa with the Kikkerland Tea Infuser Robot. Made from durable stainless steel, simply fill the robot with the loose tea leaves of your choice and use his arms to hang him over the sides of your mug until the flavour has infused into the water. The arms are fully adjustable to fit a variety of cups and mugs, whilst the drip tray will ensure no mess.
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Rocket Tea Infuser and Drip Tray

Rocket Tea infuser

For those who like their tea the traditional way with tea leaves, then you need the perfect, cool looking tea infuser to help make the ultimate cup of tea. The stainless steel, rocket shaped Tea Infuser will brew tea to perfection making it taste “out of this world”! The rocket ship opens to be filled with loose tea and closed firmly with metal tabs, ready to be dunked into a cup of hot water.
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Sharky Tea Infuser

Shark fin Tea infuser While your average tea infuser is a very practical and useful kitchen accessory it is, well, slightly boring. So spice things up with the Sharky Tea Infuser – this is just as practical as any other infuser but the shark fin sitting on top is what really makes it stand out.
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Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

Yellow submarine tea infuserThis Beatles-esque slice of sub-aquatic splendour not only makes your tea much tastier, it also gives your brew a nice sixties vibe as well.It’s small enough to go in your mug, and it has a nice chain-link cord to help you bob it about under the surface to ensure full infusion.
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Umbrella Tea Infuser

The blue Umbrella Tea Infuser would make a great gift idea for any tea lover. Made of durable silicone, simply fill the umbrella with tea leaves, replace the handle and drape it over the side of your mug. Once you’ve allowed the tea to infuse for a few minutes, remove the tea infuser and enjoy your cuppa.
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Acorn Tea Infuser

Nothing beats a cuppa than with real tea leaves, so ditch the tea bags and let the Acorn Tea Infuser help you create a gorgeous brew. Combining functionality with a beautiful design, this infuser is made from food safe silicone and should be gently slid into hot water to help you make the perfect cup of tea.
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Cupid Heart Arrow Strainer Tea Leaf Filter Infuser Stirrer Teaspoon

This iconic shape of Cupid’s arrow piercing an unsuspecting heart infuser is ideal for the romantic tea lover. Fill the hollowed and perforated heart with the tea leafs of your choice. Lower it in the hot water and let it infuse. The arrow provides a convenient stir stick and also allows the drinker take the heart out of the hot drink without burning their fingers.
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Music Note Teaspoon Infuser

The music note shaped infuser is ideal for the musical tea lovers. Just fill the head of the quaver (eighth note) with the tea of your choice. let it infuse in the hot water while the stem of the note acts as a handle to remove it from the hot drink or hang on the rim of your drinking vessel
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Stainless Steel Owl Tea Infuser & Drip Tray

This Stainless Steel Owl Tea Infuser is the perfect gift for all Tea Lovers. If you like loose tea leaf tea then this stainless-steel owl shaped tea infuser is all you need. Simply pop your tea leaves inside and dangle into your teapot or cup by its chain and let the flavour flood out. Once you the tea has infused you can place it on its drip tray to avoid any mess.
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Strawberry Tea Infuser

Strawberry silicone tea infuser, It has a long green stem with a leaf allowing it conveniently to hang on the rim of the glass ,cup or mug.
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