Fun Mugs

Here is an ever growing list of fun unusual novelty mugs, rude mugs and unusual mugs.

BigMouth Inc The Original Toilet Mug

Toilet Mug
Novelty Mug in the shape of a toilet. Can also be used as a bowl for potpourri, sweets, ice cream or as a planter.
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50Fifty Brew Buddies Dog, Cat, Duck etc Pocket Mug

Dog Pocket mugMouth slot to store biscuits
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Up Yours Mug

Up Yours Mug Making coffee for others is now much more fun 😀
Buy it From: MenKind £9.99

Biscuit Pocket Mug

biscuit pocket mugA cuppa is not complete without a biccie or two. The mug with biscuit holder pocket.
Buy it From Here £6.99

Camera Lens Mug with Lid

Camera Lens Mug With Lid
Mug styled Like a Camera lens Ideal gift for a photographer of camera enthusiast. The lid can also be used as coaster for the mug or a novelty holder for your favourite biscuits.
Buy From : Prezzybox for £9.99

The Unt Mug with Black Handle

Unt MugNot my fault you got a dirty mind.
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Building Block Mug

Build on a brick mug like lego Novelty mug compatible with most types of building blocks
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3D Mug Darth Vader

Novelty cup / mug for those that like a really dark cuppa…
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Doctor Who Tardis Mug

Officially licensed Dr Who Ceramic mug with a lid that helps keep the heat in when not in use.
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Hulk Fist Mug

Incredible Hulk Fist Mug
Show your anger when your mug is empty. Hulk… SMASH.
Buy it from: Red5 for £9.99

Moustache Mug

Moustache MugA novelty mug for a Quick disguise
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Ninja Mug

Ninja Mug For stealth Cuppa. It Includes: ceramic mug – 8.5cm (diameter), removable ninja cover, samurai spoon and ninja star/shuriken coaster. Ninja cover includes a pocket for the samurai spoon. Microwave and dishwasher safe – please remove cover before washing or heating.

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Robocop Mug

Robocop Mug Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, have a cuppa….
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Voice Recording Mug

Man MugRemind yourself how sexy you are every time you take a sip. Record up to 7 seconds of speech. Re-record as many times as you like.
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