Novelty Beer Glasses

Beer Can Glass

Get that beer can feeling with a bit more class. The beer can glass is designed using the exact proportions of an actual beer can to feel just right in your hand.
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Das Horn Viking Style Vessel

Feel like a Viking or like a cast member of Game of thrones with this horn shaped drinking vessel. It comes with a display stand to proudly show it off when not in use as well as neck strap for hands free drinking. Ideal for a stag do or themed parties.
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Half Pint Glass

The perfect beer glass for the lighter drinkers. Its a pint glass gut in half but looks just like a full pint from the front, this way a lightweight drinker gives the impression he is on par with the rest and no need to hold the small half pint glasses that disappear in your palm.

Buy It From Zavvi for £6.99

Quarter Yard Glass with Wooden Stand

A 400ml Glass in the shape of a small Yard glass. It has bulb base and and a widening shaft a design that allows fast pouring or maybe I should say fast drinking. When the glass isn’t in use it can be stored in the oak stand that comes with it.
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Final Touch 1 Litre Beer Boot Glass

You heard the saying of Drinking champagne from a lady’s slipper now how about drinking beer from a boot. While this novelty beer glass look amusing there is more to it. There is a beer game/puzzle built in it. You have to tilt the toes left or right when the glass gets emptier otherwise you spill your drink. When the air bubble gets to the toes the pressure increases and pushes the beer outwards. It holds up to 1 litre of liquid.
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Beer Gauge Glass

This unusual novelty beer pint glass lets you know when you are about to run out of your nectar.
Fill with any cold beverage and the gauge turn red. As you drink from the glass and your drink of choice lessens the gauge turn white. Get ready to appoint someone for a refill 😉
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Sagaform Football Beer Glasses

The perfect beer glass for a football fan. Upper part is just like a normal pint glass but the bottom part is shaped as a football.
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Everlasting Beer Glass Tankard

Another Tankard with an outer glass filled with a non toxic freezable liquid. This time the liquid looks like beer with froth. Not only does it keep your drink cooler for longer it also looks like your glass is always full.
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Collapsible Pocket Pint Glass

The Pint glass you can carry with you. This collapsible Pocket Pint Glass is made of sturdy plastic and its perfect for Festivals, Picnics garden BBQs and parties.
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