Oil Drum Charcoal Barbecues BBQs and Smokers

Drumbecue Original Charcoal BBQ Drum Smoker with Thermostat

Drumbecue Oil Drum BBQ with Smoker
The Drumbecue was featured on ITVs BBQ champs. It is made in the UK from an original 45 gallon steel drum and finished in a special black paint to be used in all weathers conditions. Heavy duty & long lasting. The special chimney allows all the food to be (smoked) cooked enclosed in the drum giving you a brilliant authentic taste whatever you put on the BBQ.You can also BBQ like a normal barbecue with the lid open giving you that original barbecue feel and taste Available also in Half Barrel and Deluxe.
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KING BBQ – Smoker and BBQ Grill Station

King BBQ Smoker Grill
King BBQ Smoker has2 cooking chambers, large and robust enamelled cooking grids and 3 ash grates. It has a Thermometer for heat control on the lid and Ventilation valves for oxygen regulation. There is Chimney for exhaust air and a drip pan at the bottom.
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Large Oil Barrel Charcoal BBQ Smoker Cart

BBQ Smoker Cart
With its 2 chamber cooking system, you are given a larger cooking area then some other BBQs on the market. The 2 separate cooking drums have base trays for coals or wood. A temperature gauge is located in the lid of the large chamber so you can accurately monitor the temperature in order to produce your chosen quality of food.

A side vent and top funnel give you the added option of regulating the oxygen in the chambers, allowing better control of the temperature in the smoker.
A front located wooden shelf can be used for a work surface and each drum has a matching wooden handle to help prevent any risk of burnt hands when opening the doors.

The BBQ smoker sits on a compact and lightweight frame Cart style with 2 wheels for easy moving.

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Azuma Oil Barrel Charcoal BBQ Barbecue / Smoket With Wheels

Azuma Oil Drum BBQ Smoker

Azuma make 2 versions of the oil drum BBQ. The cheaper version is a straight BBQ the more expensive version can be used as a BBQ or as a smoker. The later Features two separate cooking chambers, you can cook and grill your food directly or smoke and flavour it indirectly for a true barbecued taste. The side box has an adjustable vent to control the cooking temperature. There is even a chimney on the lid with a vent to control the smoke.

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You can buy the BBQ Smoker Version From Amazon UK £179 or From eBay UK – £159