Voodoo Knife Block

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Add a bit of fun in the kitchen with this stylish Voodoo knife block designed by Raffaele Iannello.

A version can be found sold under the name Vudu Knives (Vuduknives).

The block is in the shape of a voodoo doll / man and it comes with 5 five heavy gauge durable stainless steel blade knifes.

The knifes are held in place by a small magnet in the body and are protected by a plastic sheath at the back.

The set consists of:

  1. Chef’s Knife
  2. Bread Knife
  3. Carver / Slicer Knife
  4. Utility Knife
  5. Paring Knife

The knifes are made from Moly-Van Molybdenum alloy with Vanadium stainless steel. It is used for its ability to resist corrosion but also keep an edge.

The man figure is made from strong ABS Plastic with a high gloss finish and its available in red, black, white and chrome/silver as well as in other limited edition or hard to find colours like green, purple, gold, orange, pink, blue.

The Voodoo knife block is also known as ‘All Men Are Bastards knife block’ and ‘The Ex’ (distributed as it in North America and Canada).

It first Voodoo knife block was first sold in 2005 in red colour. In 2011 it had a restyling to improved its aesthetics and its functionality. Its new characteristics including a heavier base to add more stability and new tapered covers that fit the knifes more snugly and are perfectly transparent to appear almost invisible.

The most popular colours of this novelty knife holder is the Red, black as well as the not so limited edition Silver or chrome. (the later tends to be slightly more expensive than the other colours)

May people mistakenly call it the Dead Fred Knife block. This happens because they are associating it with a different product, the Dead Fred pen holder (see blow). The pen holder is not part of the voodoo line and its not designed by Raffaele Iannello either.

New products belonging to the same line as the Voodoo knife block were unveiled with the release of second edition. Most are not available in the UK at the moment with the exception of the Voodoo Five Finger knife block.

Voodoo Five Finger Fillet Carving Set By Raffaele Lannello – £59.99 (Out Of Stock)

This stylish and unique knife block come in the form a of a 5 Finger Fillet Game. The Five Finger Fillet Carving Set has five razor sharp precision stainless steel kitchen knifes. These include:

  • 8 inch Chef’s Knife
  • 8 inch Bread Knife
  • 8 inch Carving Knife
  • 5 inch Utility Knife
  • 3.5 inch Paring Knife

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